We will help you reduce the cycle time, cost and minimize supply risks with Supplier pre-qualification and performance management


Supplier Pre-Qualification Screening

In the intense competitive global economy, it is often critically important to not only develop existing suppliers but also to discover new suppliers.  There are many factors and reasons for developing new sources such as finding new suppliers to meet your new developed technology requirements, new suppliers that have cost advantage due to lower labour costs or simply to adding of suppliers to mitigate supply risks.
Supplier non-performance for even a simple parts or services could result in revenue loss and product time to market.  We will work with clients on pre-defined criteria for screening of suppliers.

Performance Management

A critical part of strategic sourcing is Supplier Relationship Management which should be reflected as a partnership with suppliers to maximize value for both parties.  We work with our clients to align KPIs and processes within the same segment by configuring a scorecard template which will be used to compare the supplier performances.  The results of the time consuming efforts will be alignment of suppliers to clients’ company goals and to drive continual improvements in cost and service level.